4th of July

Posted 2008-07-08 by Paul Balogh.

What a beautiful 4th of July we had this year! The weather was perfect...not ridiculously hot like a normal 4th in St. Louis.

The family was able to participate in this year's Wentzville parade! I walked along as the kids all threw out candy from Trudi's Apple Tree Academy float for her preschool (I'd love to add a link to a site...Marcellus, get on that would you?!) It was a lot of fun, and a nice walk for me. The crowd seemed huge!

We also attended a little get-together with the Burns' and watched fireworks going off around the subdivision. A perfect night to kick back a few Coronas left over from Cinco.

Vicki organized another Bicycle Parade which Emme and Sheila attended. Sounds like that was a good time as well.

Pics are available at:

Florida Vacation with the Pearsons

Posted 2008-06-21 by Paul Balogh.

We've enjoyed another memorable vacation in Florida. It was wonderful to see our friends, the Pearsons, again since they moved to Singapore. We're looking forward to a trip to Singapore and Thailand early next year!

This year, we tried a different location than what we were used to. St. George Island is beautiful and relaxing, but didn't have a great deal to offer beyond that. If it weren't for the good company we enjoyed, the kids and ourselves would have been a bit bored. We did manage to get in a couple games of miniature golf and rode horses on the beach (I walked alongside to catch kids...just in case). We did some bike riding while we were here, and Emme learned to ride a bike without training wheels for the first time!

We weren't right on the beach, but close enough to walk over to search for seashells. The big highlight to the house was the pool. The girls really enjoyed this, as it seems they only left it to use the restroom, sleep, and eat. I was glad that I brought along our Wii...as Scot and I made our arms sore by playing many rounds of tennis. Cary and Sheila seemed to read a dozen books between them :-)

A wonderful vacation overall! Here's the photos...


BMW Sauber Finishes 1st and 2nd!

Posted 2008-06-09 by Paul Balogh.

What a race! Today's Canadian Grand Prix was incredible. I can see the headlines now...
Lewis Hamilton remains unstoppable...especially at red lights on pit exit!

OK, so it's not nice to make fun at Hamilton's expense. Had he not made that huge mistake of retiring himself and reigning champion Kimi Raikkonen, I'm sure my favorite driver Robert Kubica wouldn't have have the podium in 1st place. I was glad to see BMW Sauber now taking a close second to Ferrari in the Constructor's Championship with Kubica leading in driver's points.

Congrats to the BMW Sauber team and Robert Kubica!

Picnic at Laumeier Park

Posted 2008-05-19 by Paul Balogh.

Today we took the girls to the Laumeier Sculpture Park. This was the first time there for the girls, and they loved it. Lexi was taking pictures and Emme was taking care of Buster. We had perfect weather and walked all over the park. It was definitely a wonderful day.

We took lots of pictures...

Dread Zeppelin at the Duck Room

Posted 2008-05-17 by Paul Balogh.

Jim and I went to see this "classic" band on Friday night. This was the first show I've been to at the Duck Room. I was really surprised by the crowd...it was a much older crowd than what I would have expected. But then again, Dread Zeppelin released their first album in 1989...getting old sucks.

tortelvis.jpg [17770 bytes]The sound guy was kind enough to let Jim go behind the console to get a better angle on some pictures. I'll add a link to the pics once he has them online.

This was definitely an entertaining band to see live...they seem to have a really good time while playing. It was hysterical how they have a guy onstage to strictly wipe the sweat from Tortelvis' brow and feed him from a deli tray.

Welcome to the World Taylor!

Posted 2008-03-07 by Paul Balogh.

Congrats go out to our friends Tim and Amy on the birth of their first child, Taylor! He was actually born yesterday, March 6, a little after midnight.

Tim reports that mother and baby are doing well. We'll look forward to seeing them all!

HFB Alumni Holiday Party

Posted 2007-12-31 by Paul Balogh.

This weekend, Sheila and I hosted a party for our office friends from the Hazelwood Farms Bakeries days. It was awesome seeing everyone again...we always have so much fun when we all get together!

Janice broke out the Kamikaze's, Mike and Perry performed a music intervention at times, and Sheila was...well...Sheila. All in all, it seemed like everyone had a great time which is what really counts anyway!

Here's the pics...

Branson Vacation

Posted 2007-12-16 by Paul Balogh.

This month, we enjoyed a long weekend trip to Branson, Missouri. We drove through ice storms both on the way there and back, but we managed to have fun with the trip anyway.

We were able to play some miniature golf, caught a show at Dolly Parton's theatre, and did some shopping while we were there. The show was interesting...a big meal with no utensils to eat with, but we all had a good time. At this time of year, this definitely seemed to be the destination of choice for the older crowd...they came by the busloads.

We're looking forward to going to Branson again once better weather comes our way.

Seahawks 24, Rams 19

Posted 2007-12-01 by Paul Balogh.

Sheila and I got to see the Seahawks beat the Rams this past Sunday. What a blast! We went along with Kim and Vince and tailgated for a bit before the game. It was a miserable, cold and rainy day, but we managed to keep warm enough.

We ended up getting these tickets ridiculously cheap because the Rams are doing so poorly this year. We also ran into some other Seahawkers at the game...maybe we'll start hitting Seahawk games in other cities with this group?

Here's the pictures:


In Loving Memory of Boogie

Posted 2007-11-24 by Paul Balogh.

boogie.png [42034 bytes]Today was a sad day in that I had to take our family cat, Booger, to the vet to be euthanized. He was suffering from feline diabetes and was receiving daily injections. Unfortunately, he still wasn't doing very well so we decided that it was best to let him go before things became worse.

We've had him in our family for about 14 years and will miss him.