Technical Difficulties...

by Paul Balogh.

Had my first severe screwup on the VPS Monday. I figured with all the extra bandwidth, I'd install a Counter-Strike server. That would be fun...or so I thought. Anyway, I setup everything I needed for the dedicated server, then went to modify the firewall rules. I setup the configuration for the appropriate ports, then tried to apply the changes...error. Plesk wasn't able to apply the changes. All Plesk is doing is creating a new shell script which it then attempts to run. Well, I log into the VPS as root, find the Plesk-created script, then execute it---big mistake! I can no longer access the shell, or any websites on the server!! Everything is being denied by the firewall!

I submit a trouble ticket at 3:00 PM acknowledgment...I call technical support at 11:00 PM CST, only to find out that they should have the VPS fixed by the next afternoon. Sure enough, after 25 hours after submitting the trouble ticket, they finally fixed the VPS. I know I screwed up...but that's pretty poor service. I made sure word got out on Web Hosting Talk.

Live and learn...

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