The New Job

by Paul Balogh.

It's two days into the new job...

I'm all setup in my new cubicle, got my laptop (not as good as my previous one), and have access to the CVS source tree. Wow...back at Citi, I'd probably still be filling out paperwork. I was excited to learn that there is a Wiki already available, and was happy to add content this morning from my notes on getting my new system up-and-running.

Right now, I'm just going through the applications and code to get familiarized. Found out that I'm going to be working on Single Sign-On initiatives, so I setup an LDAP server on my local machine to start working with until an Active Directory is available. Good times!

Re: The New Job
So when will your consulting work be finished at Cequel3? Your work at Citi is really starting to pile up!!
Posted 14 years, 7 months ago by Pablo • • • Reply
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