Old 97's In Concert

by Paul Balogh.

On Friday night, me and some of my friends from the "old" job went down to my old stomping grounds, Mississippi Nights. We went down there to see the Old 97's, an alternative country band from El Paso, TX. Normally, I would not be interested in anything with country in its name, but these guys are definitely different.

Snap(13).jpg [22057 bytes]It was the second time I've seen the 97s play and was not disappointed. The opening act, Earl, unfortunately received little attention from me as I was too busy having fun with my friends...I can only say that I don't think they sucked.

Chad, Jennifer, and I stood underneath the PAs right in front of the stage, as evidenced in the photo---thankfully, this time my ears didn't bleed! The 97s stuck to their older songs, for the most part. I think there were only 2 songs they played from the new album---only because I didn't recognize the songs...since I don't have the new album yet. They ended up playing a couple encores...waiting until the end of the first to play Doreen, even though I was screaming it between songs.

Overall, a very fun night.

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