Updated Gallery

by Paul Balogh.

Now I've updated the version of Gallery to one which provides a random image block. So now, I'm able to include a random image of the girls in the blog...the piece that I'm using is what I actually contributed to the bBlog project. I'm sure alot of people will get some good use out of that!

I went through a couple iterations before I got Gallery working...

First, the Gallery2 version I tried earlier this weekend didn't work...it must be an OS X thing, because its fine on Windows. Today, I tried the pre-release version of 1.5RC1. That too had some strange issues on OS X. So, I went ahead and used the current production quality version (1.4.4pl6) and all went well! I was being too lazy to figure out what was wrong with the other versions...

Re: Updated Gallery
Hi! i was looking for some module to integrate "random image" of Gallery 2 into bBlog, and google give me your blog ^_^ but i can't find the file with that module, either in bBlog forums, in gallery forums or in your blog. Please try to contect me, i need a lot that module!! Thanks a lot
Posted 14 years, 7 months ago by SaRuMaN • • • Reply
Re: Updated Gallery
You'll want to use the External Provider plugin I committed to bBlog. You'll have to get it from the CVS tree...its not in a release yet. Then, add a content URL for your Gallery2 random image, e.g. http://gallery.thebaloghs.us/main.php?g2_view=imageblock:External&g2_blocks=randomImage&g2_show=title|views|heading . You can also create an external content provider for the CSS such as http://gallery.thebaloghs.us/main.php?g2_view=imageblock:ExternalCSS&g2_frames=shadow .
Posted 14 years, 7 months ago by Paul • • • Reply
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