4th of July Weekend

by Paul Balogh.

Talk about alot going this long weekend!

Saturday I ended up catching up on a work project; Sunday, we took the kids to the pool...at least this time I wore some sunscreen to avoid being burned to a crisp like the last time. Later that afternoon, we attended a neighborhood barbeque. It was nice getting together with our neighbors and meeting some new neighbors we hadn't met yet. It was a bit hot, but beyond that, the weather was good to us.

For the 4th, we took Buster and the girls to the parade in Bridgeton and had a nice barbeque at Cheryl & Mike's. Later that evening, we went to watch the Hazelwood fireworks display. Emme passed out before the fireworks began, and Lexi was able to catch most of the display before she was out for the night.

Fairly uneventful beyond that...noone lost any fingers from fireworks, so that was good!

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