Camping Trip

by Paul Balogh.

This weekend, the family packed up and made the two-hour drive to Onondaga State Park to camp out with some of our friends and their kids. This was the first camping trip for Lexi and Emme; for Sheila and I, it was our first in years. We had to dust off the sleeping bags and tent from years of neglect.

100_0853.JPG [13476 bytes]Our campsite had the luxury of electricity and running water, so not too much roughing it---which is just as well, since I'm not the greatest outdoorsman in the world. But we were able to cook up some steaks, hotdogs, and corn on the fire without me having to kill our food ;)

The girls enjoyed swimming in the Meramec River, riding their bikes---did I mention Lexi no longer needs training wheels?!---playing with their friends, and sleeping in a tent.

It was really nice to get away...especially with the "fun" I've been having at work lately.

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