The Beach At Last!

by Paul Balogh.

We've finally made it to the beach! I'm all setup with my sweet AOL dialup (can you sense the sarcasm?), so I'm online again.

I took the day off work on Friday so we could use the extra travel day. We made it to the Holiday Inn - Decatur, AL after driving seven hours from home. Not the nicest hotel I've been in, but for free, I can't complain. Luckily, I had plenty of those Priority Club rewards from my stint in Indianapolis.

This morning we headed out around 9AM and got to the condo at 3PM. Amazingly, when we started out from Decatur, we got a call on the cell phone from some of our friends who are also heading down to Panama City Beach. After telling each other where we each were, we ended up being no more than 2 miles apart!! I had to let off the gas a bit to let them catch up in order to travel as a caravan. They headed out from Ohio at 3AM EST, driving straight through.

Once we were here, we had to rush out to the beach---what's left of it, anyway. Last year, the buildings where we're staying were damaged during a hurricane and are still under renovation. The water nearly comes up to our building...its incredible how little beach is left. I'll take photos tomorrow.

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