Beach Report, Part 1

by Paul Balogh.

It's been a nice weekend here. There's been intermittent rain, but the rain tends to roll in, then roll out quickly, and the sun comes out again. We've already seen the dolphins from our deck, spent some time at the pool---enough for me to get my base burn, and spent time walking the beach looking for seashells.

As I wrote earlier, alot of the beach has been washed away from our area. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita stirred up the gulf causing a Red Tide, which has nearly dissipated. Walking along the beach ends up tickling your throat, causing you to cough.

We made the trek down to the strip and were amazed to see how much has changed in the last 2 years since we had been here last. Several high-rise buildings are going up with massive parking garages. A few of the old motels are being torn down. Home prices have increased dramatically as well. I was kicking myself for not getting a group of friends together to buy a vacation home here...what was $500,000 four years ago is now over $1M today in the Carillon Beach community next door. These places rent out at over $4K per week during the summer season.

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