Home Again

by Paul Balogh.

After a grueling 15 hours on the road, we're home once again. This time, we tried new directions from Yahoo! for getting home from Florida---big mistake!

We left our condo at 8:00AM and shortly thereafter stopped to top off the gas tank. Within the next four hours, we had to stop for vomiting children twice, and another two times for restroom visits. We hadn't even made it past Montgomery, AL yet! But, with both girls stomachs being empty, all was good until Birmingham, AL. Birmingham began the change in our directions; Yahoo! now recommended US-78 to Memphis instead of heading north on I-65 through Nashville. The directions were a bit hokey due to construction...you really had to watch the signs and be careful. Finally in Mississippi, the highway was very nice---the future I-22.

We ran into problems in Memphis. Somehow, we lost track of the signs, or the directions were incorrect. We ended up driving around downtown Memphis looking for some way to reach a bridge to cross over into Arkansas and I-55. It really didn't take very long (less than 1/2 hour) when we found I-40 and crossed the river. Memphis looks like a possible candidate to visit in the future, by the way.

Once on I-55, we knew the way and drove, and drove, and drove...finally making it to pick up Buster a little after 10:00PM. From there, we still had the 40 minute drive home, but that was nothing now that we had our Buster...

Re: Home Again
I have a problem following directions in maps and following road signs. What would happen to me if I use Yahoo! to help me get to where I need to be? Let's just say I wish I'd get there even through my dreams. But it's a good thing you were able to get home even if Yahoo's directions made you take the long way home.
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