Day at Six Flags

by Paul Balogh.

The family went out for a fun day at Six Flags on Sunday. We were some of the crazy ones who went out in the 100° weather we were having. At least the heat made for shorter lines, since they weren't overly crowded.

100_2749_thumb.jpg [29782 bytes]The girls at least let me experience the Highland Fling on my own once...they had no interest in going on that ride---especially Sheila. We took advantage of alot of the water rides, and enjoyed being completely drenched on Thunder River.

The girls enoyed the Bugs Bunny Park, the kiddie rollercoaster, eating turkey legs and ice cream, and playing the games.

Even though it was an extremely tiring (and expensive) day, I can't wait for us to go again. Next time, we'll have to make sure we enjoy the water park as well.

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