Dread Zeppelin at the Duck Room

by Paul Balogh.

Jim and I went to see this "classic" band on Friday night. This was the first show I've been to at the Duck Room. I was really surprised by the crowd...it was a much older crowd than what I would have expected. But then again, Dread Zeppelin released their first album in 1989...getting old sucks.

tortelvis.jpg [17770 bytes]The sound guy was kind enough to let Jim go behind the console to get a better angle on some pictures. I'll add a link to the pics once he has them online.

This was definitely an entertaining band to see live...they seem to have a really good time while playing. It was hysterical how they have a guy onstage to strictly wipe the sweat from Tortelvis' brow and feed him from a deli tray.

Re: Dread Zeppelin at the Duck Room
This band is not in India. I love band sweat, is that wrong. Cricket needs more coverage in the US!
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