4th of July

by Paul Balogh.

What a beautiful 4th of July we had this year! The weather was perfect...not ridiculously hot like a normal 4th in St. Louis.

The family was able to participate in this year's Wentzville parade! I walked along as the kids all threw out candy from Trudi's Apple Tree Academy float for her preschool (I'd love to add a link to a site...Marcellus, get on that would you?!) It was a lot of fun, and a nice walk for me. The crowd seemed huge!

We also attended a little get-together with the Burns' and watched fireworks going off around the subdivision. A perfect night to kick back a few Coronas left over from Cinco.

Vicki organized another Bicycle Parade which Emme and Sheila attended. Sounds like that was a good time as well.

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