Archives for March, 2005

Finished FileNET Training

Posted 2005-03-26 by Paul Balogh.
Today we finished our training on the FileNET P8 Workflow product. It was nice to have Phong teaching the class again, and of course, it... More

Operation Swing

Posted 2005-03-21 by Paul Balogh.
We finally had a nice day to work on the new swingset! I've got alot more to work on, but at least I was able to get the swings... More

New Feature for bBlog

Posted 2005-03-18 by Paul Balogh.
I just finished up and added to CVS , some requested functionality for bBlog ! This will resolve request 844993 from toolmantim . Now,... More

Technical Difficulties...

Posted 2005-03-16 by Paul Balogh.
Had my first severe screwup on the VPS Monday. I figured with all the extra bandwidth, I'd install a Counter-Strike server . That would be... More Services

Posted 2005-03-10 by Paul Balogh.
I just want to mention that any Balogh can request to have his/her own User Album on the gallery site . The same goes for having a... More

Gallery2 Now Enabled

Posted 2005-03-10 by Paul Balogh.
Now that the site is hosted on my VPS , I've been able to install the newest Gallery2 version. So far, so good. I'll be spending quite a... More

Eureka! Operation is Go!

Posted 2005-03-08 by Paul Balogh.
Worked through all of the issues I was having with the PHP configuration within the virtual hosts! All is well now! Just in time, too...... More

Virtual Dedicated Server

Posted 2005-03-06 by Paul Balogh.
It's been a whole week since I've purchased my VPS ! I've been sharpening my skills at the administration of the server. So far, I've moved... More

Honorable Mention...

Posted 2005-03-06 by Paul Balogh.
My name was mentioned on the March 5 th podcast of the Tim & Tony Show ! I sent them an email because they had an incorrect... More

Official bBlog Developer

Posted 2005-03-02 by Paul Balogh.
Cool...looks as though I'm an official developer on the bBlog project!