Archives for April, 2005

Tiger Unleashed!!

Posted 2005-04-30 by Paul Balogh.
I went to the Apple Store for the official release of the new Tiger operating system. What a turnout...they started letting people in... More

Yet Another Laptop Update

Posted 2005-04-27 by Paul Balogh.
Now this is getting rediculous! The laptop seemed to be fine all day yesterday until late afternoon---hard-drive started making strange... More

Laptop Update

Posted 2005-04-25 by Paul Balogh.
Well, I didn't break my new laptop afterall! Just for grins, I docked the machine and tried logging in... it worked!! I know that Friday... More

My First Week

Posted 2005-04-23 by Paul Balogh.
Finished my first full week at Cequel III ! Overall, not too bad. I got to scour the code and database to get a feel for whats going... More

The New Job

Posted 2005-04-20 by Paul Balogh.
It's two days into the new job... I'm all setup in my new cubicle, got my laptop (not as good as my previous one), and have access to the... More

Farewell Tour

Posted 2005-04-17 by Paul Balogh.
Had a blast at the going away happy hour! Luckily, I wasn't paying for it the next day ;-). MQ Ravi was able to show up, and I finally... More

He's Back..."MQ" Ravi!

Posted 2005-04-14 by Paul Balogh.
Found out that one of our friends from Indianapolis has recently relocated to St. Louis! We won't be working on the same projects, but it'll... More

Deployed to Production

Posted 2005-04-12 by Paul Balogh.
What an exhausting weekend...we were able to successfully deploy our monstrous Workflow application into production! As with most large... More

Changing Jobs

Posted 2005-04-05 by Paul Balogh.
The time has come for me to move on from Citi ...I'll miss working with my friends there. I'll be moving on to Cequel III in two weeks!

Operation Swing, Part 3

Posted 2005-04-02 by Paul Balogh.

Operation Swing, Part 2

Posted 2005-04-01 by Paul Balogh.
Spent some time on Monday and Thursday working on the swingset. After making some requested architectural changes from the project foreman... More