Archives for May, 2005

My New Computer

Posted 2005-05-15 by Paul Balogh.
Machine number 9 has now arrived at our house! This new machine ROCKS !! It's a 17-inch laptop with 3GHz processor, 1GB RAM, and a 100GB... More

Another Night Out...Green Day

Posted 2005-05-14 by Paul Balogh.
The second Friday in a row, I've gone out to a show. This time the band was Green Day on their American Idiot tour. One word... AWESOME... More

Zen Garden

Posted 2005-05-09 by Paul Balogh.
We worked on our new garden in the back of the house. I had finished the landscape wall the previous weekend, so this week we filled it with... More

Old 97's In Concert

Posted 2005-05-07 by Paul Balogh.
On Friday night, me and some of my friends from the "old" job went down to my old stomping grounds, Mississippi Nights . We went down... More

KubrickMod Gallery2 Theme

Posted 2005-05-05 by Paul Balogh.
I've gone ahead and switched over to my new KubrickMod layout and theme for Gallery2 . Even though it's not Production-quality , I... More

Busy Weekend

Posted 2005-05-03 by Paul Balogh.
We had a busy past weekend. Finally got the water fountain setup, and built a landscape wall for a flowerbed around the fountain. So far, so good. I'll post pics once its all done.