Archives for June, 2005

Battlefield 2

Posted 2005-06-26 by Paul Balogh.
I ran to CompUSA yesterday and picked up a copy of the new Battlefield 2 game. This game rocks!! I was already a big fan of... More

New Family Member

Posted 2005-06-24 by Paul Balogh.
Well, we didn't get Aspen the terrier mix from the last post, but we did buy a new family pet. Our new pet, a male Rat Terrier . He's... More

Happy Father's Day!

Posted 2005-06-20 by Paul Balogh.
Happy Father's Day to all my fellow father's out there! This weekend, we enjoyed the weather, we had everyone over for the Father's Day... More

Baby Spencer's Arrival

Posted 2005-06-17 by Paul Balogh.
I know I'm very late with this, but I just thought about adding a note to the Blog ! Anyway, Eric "Troops" Johnson and his wife Jill had... More

Severe Weather

Posted 2005-06-16 by Paul Balogh.
Just the other day, we experienced some heavy rains and extreme wind conditions. Grandpa was affected when a neighbor's tree was blown... More

Bakery Reunion

Posted 2005-06-15 by Paul Balogh.
Saturday was the reunion for former employees of the Wetterau / Hazelwood Farms / Pilsbury bakery in Hazelwood, Missouri. Despite the... More

Happy Birthday, Jim & Steve

Posted 2005-06-11 by Paul Balogh.
A happy birthday to both Jim Balogh and Steve Balogh !

Dance Recital

Posted 2005-06-04 by Paul Balogh.
Lexi and Emme had their dance recital tonight. These girls did great! The large audience didn't seem to phase them a bit. All of the... More

Memorial Day

Posted 2005-06-01 by Paul Balogh.
Even though I was sick the early part of the weekend, we still had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We had a nice barbeque and took the kids to... More