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Family Day at the Dentist

Posted 2005-07-20 by Paul Balogh.
Now that my new job has finally started picking up insurance, we went ahead and took the kids and ourselves for checkups. It was the first... More

Happy Birthday Nick!

Posted 2005-07-18 by Paul Balogh.
A happy 16th birthday to Nick Balogh ! Please let me know when you're driving the streets so I can hide :) Edit: It was, in fact, Nick 's 17th birthday...I stand corrected. Sorry!

Napolean Dynamite Soundboard

Posted 2005-07-16 by Paul Balogh.
Found this soundboard from Napolean Dynamite ...check it out, its pretty funny.

Congratulations Ravi!

Posted 2005-07-13 by Paul Balogh.
Got word about the wedding engagement of one of my favorite gaandus , Ravi Kolli . He was back home in India for a month vacation, and... More

Camping Trip

Posted 2005-07-12 by Paul Balogh.
This weekend, the family packed up and made the two-hour drive to Onondaga State Park to camp out with some of our friends and their kids.... More

4th of July Weekend

Posted 2005-07-07 by Paul Balogh.
Talk about alot going this long weekend! Saturday I ended up catching up on a work project; Sunday, we took the kids to the More