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Employee Pricing

Posted 2005-08-31 by Paul Balogh.
[rant] OK...I think I've had enough of all these rediculous employee discount marketing campaigns. Enough is enough!! It's making me insane... [/rant]

Subdivision Party

Posted 2005-08-29 by Paul Balogh.
We had alot of fun Saturday, we attended somewhat of a going away party for some of our neighbors who are moving out, then attended a... More

School Days Again

Posted 2005-08-25 by Paul Balogh.
Today was Lexi s first day back in she's in the 1st grade, going to school all day, and riding the bus. She's growing up so fast!

Buy Me This...

Posted 2005-08-25 by Paul Balogh.
Run-DMC Set or Kill Alive 2 Playset ! Did I ever mention that Kid Robot has some of the coolest toys---ever?! I got to go to their... More

Little Sister, Too!

Posted 2005-08-21 by Paul Balogh.
Shortly after Lexi got her ears pierced, little sister Emme wanted hers done too. Emme went easily through the process too, and looks cute as ever, of course.

Lexi's Pierced Ears

Posted 2005-08-19 by Paul Balogh.
Lexi ended up getting her ears pierced this week, and it looks adorable on her. She's being good about cleaning her piercings and turning... More

A Busy Birthday Weekend

Posted 2005-08-15 by Paul Balogh.
I'm almost glad to say that this weekend is over with! We had alot going on this weekend... Friday we attended a wedding... More

Happy Birthday Emme!

Posted 2005-08-09 by Paul Balogh.
Daddy's little girl turns 4's amazing how time flies.


Posted 2005-08-03 by Paul Balogh.
All work and no play makes Paul a dull boy. :(