Archives for September, 2005

Longing for Vacation

Posted 2005-09-27 by Paul Balogh.
Vacation is coming up and we're all getting excited about heading down to Florida this weekend! Its even more exciting since we weren't... More

Disney Princesses on Ice

Posted 2005-09-20 by Paul Balogh.
This weekend, we took the girls to the (formerly known as) Savvis Center to see the Disney Princesses on Ice . We went together with our... More

Gönczy Family Crest

Posted 2005-09-11 by Paul Balogh.
I'm trying to find out the colors from this family crest...hopefully, someone stumbles on this and has some information. The crest is for... More

Goldfish Grab

Posted 2005-09-08 by Paul Balogh.
Tonight I took the girls to Progress Park in Wentzville for an activity the city planned. Now that the pool is closed for winter, they... More Updated

Posted 2005-09-03 by Paul Balogh.
I finally got around to updating ! I started with the modified Kubrick theme from this site, then created new graphics,... More